About The Course

Jewish Feminism Reimagined (JewFem 2.0) is a 12-week online course that delves into some of the most pressing issues today, with dynamic, engaging, and thoughtful panels and discussions.

The course includes 18 hours of over 35 amazing presenters representing a diversity of genders, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. This course offers a historic opportunity to engage with Jewish feminist ideas on the highest level, all in one place.

Topics include: Sexuality, gender identity, bodies, race, intersectionalities, sexual abuse, disabilities, leadership, money, power and media, and more

Speakers include groundbreakers, pioneers, thought-leaders, and warriors:

Letty Cottin Pogrebin Prof. Rabbi Rachel Adler Prof Susanna Heschel Abby Chava Stein Dr. Tarece Johnson Rabbi Mary Zamore Leah Lax Dr. Keren McGinity Jamie Allen Black Rachel Creeger Loolwa Khazzoom Rabbi Reverend Dr. Haviva Ner David Dr. Marianne Novak Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael Jericho Z. Vincent Rabbi Jane Rachel Lipman Dr. Sharon Weiss-Greenberg Dr. Sara Shapiro-Plevan Rachel Stomel and more….. 

What is Jewish feminism?

Jewish feminism is a lot of things. For different people, it may have different meanings. For us, here at the Jewish Feminist Academy, it is about compassion, justice, and fairness. It’s about creating that compassionate society in which everyone of all genders, bodies, and backgrounds, is able to thrive. 

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Course objectives

  • To explore origins, definitions, values, ideologies, assumptions, tools and practices of Jewish feminism
  • To study origins of patriarchy in Jewish culture – those gender rooted in Jewish tradition, and those rooted in other cultures
  • To examine the many variations of Jewish feminism, and how they connect and diverge.
  • To specifically explore some core issues in Jewish feminism, such as gender identity, body, sexuality, power, hierarchy, money, media, leadership, intersectionality, and patriarchal social constructions of gender
  • To understand key milestones from the past 50 years of Jewish feminist activism and where there has been change and impact, and where there has not
  • To celebrate Jewish feminist scholarship and activism
  • To revisit and reinvent tools and methods of Jewish feminism
  • To craft a common vision based on shared goals and values for the world we are living in

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is for anyone engaged in gender issues in Jewish life, or anyone curious about that culture. 

What You Can Expect To Learn

What you can expect to learn The course is divided into two six-lecture sessions.

Section 1: Bodies and Identities

Six panel discussions with 3-4 presenters each on topics of sexuality, gender identity, diversity, race, disability, and body in Jewish life, with some of the top thinkers and activists in the field.

Section 2: Cultures and Communities

Six panel discussions with 3-4 presenters in each on topics of: sexual abuse, power, politics, media, money, leadership, and ritual in Jewish life from a feminist perspective.

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